You make me laugh,

You make me cry.

You make me huddle,

You make me cuddle.

In good times we laugh,

In bad times we sulk and cry.

But God on high has chosen you for all of eternity

to be none other than my.


Helpmate, some say maid.

Stronghold and my shield,

Against the rain you hold me,

so I don’t get too far away from thee.

So pardon me,

If you don’t get mee.

Gluten free

A Friend to me.

Steak and wine

A Friend to you.

(Hey all alliterations are gone!

Pardon the perfectionist in me)

It’s time to pluck ourselves up

From all of me me me.

And turn a prayer of thanks,

For the gift of we.

We fail each other from time to time,

But He who made we,

Will rise to our aid till the end of time.

Xoxo, blessed happy merry birthday G.

May this year be full of joy,

Cheers to becoming the person who were made to be.

Child of God, Wife, Social Entrepreneur, Impact Financing, Technology, Vocations Discernment 🎹🎼❤🕊

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