Eibingen Abbey, Rudeshiem

The lord goes up with trumpet blast,
The lord gods up with shouts of joy.
Let every creature on earth,
In the heavens and all that sings, praise God.

Our hearts belong to you,
Only to you, do we sing your praise.
To you our lives belong,
May every deed and tongue sing praise.

Make us one with you, O lord,
May everlasting life await us, as we await the dawn.
In your presence all is made new,
In your presence all becomes one.

Keep us in your care today,
Keep us now, always and forever more.
May we know your love and only your love,
For in your love, we unite and we made complete.

Child of God, Wife, Social Entrepreneur, Impact Financing, Technology, Vocations Discernment 🎹🎼❤🕊

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