Peace flows like a river, it calms the soul and caresses the heart.

Peace a jewel that no money can buy, no currency can exchange. Peace a friend that comforts you through the day, brings you into slumber like she who cradles a baby.

A sound heart is the life of flesh, peace of mind and heart fruitful to the soul, the body and its parts.

Let there be life to the lifeless, wisdom in confusion, peace in anxiety. For peace, a treasure that binds and unites the hearts of men, fruitfulness in the lands where olives and younglings alike grow.

For the land we stand on have found a home in this generation, with deepest gratitude to pilgrims before us.

We find peace because of their toil to fight, secure our rights, homes and minds. The outward search of peace transpires from an inner peace, a garden sanctuary within our hearts we so preserve through our search for truth, a sincere reach to the stars, the divine, the source of all goodness and life

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