O death where is your sting?

Death comes like a thief in the night,

To steal and swiftly move.

We do not know the hour nor the day.

To love and to hold,

In the embrace of our beloved.

Songs and hymns fill the air in sweet repose,With tenderness, gentleness and grace she departs.

Tears stream down the hearts of young and old, grief and relief, bittersweet pain that lingers on.

Goodbye pain, goodbye suffering, goodbye for eternity.

A life well lived, a race well ran, a fight fought with truth, grace and every possible strength.

May we meet in the next, Until then, your strength lives on in our hearts.

May we wear the strength of life on our sleeves,pass it on in every fight of life and remember our days are numbered for the most high has graced us with years to treasure, to hold and to keep for the sweeping seasons we may walk on this earth.

A tribute to my Godmother Susan who departed peacefully, 11th March 2016. You will be dearly missed and remembered for the strength u had in battling cancer. Your gratitude to God for giving you the extended years in being with your grandchildren deeply touched my heart.

Child of God, Wife, Social Entrepreneur, Impact Financing, Technology, Vocations Discernment 🎹🎼❤🕊

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