Discovering your Purpose, Personal Vocation, Meaning, Mission and Growing In A Little Bit More Self Awareness — Books That inspired in 2019

As a bit of a nerd and avid reader, I found that these books really spoke to me in 2019. They were recommended by friends, shared by peers who found it useful for their growth and learning. I hope that the stories will inspire your hearts as much as it has for me!

Discovering your Purpose, Personal Vocation, Meaning and Mission

  1. Cure for the common life by Max Lucado — Speaks about finding the sweet spot in your life that you have been called. Lucado takes us on a journey with stories that enables us to reflect back on our earlier years, finding the recurring themes that keep repeating in our lives. Is the theme medicine? Creative arts, innovation, service in the mission fields? Cure for the Common Life explores our areas of strength and the toolkits we have been given that give us an insight to what we are drawn to.
  2. Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person by Luke Burgis and his Joshua Miller — Finding the unique call and unrepeatable mission for which we are all called. The author shares his unique experience about a path of vocations discernment and how he continues to search for the will of God in the various states of life. With beautiful reflections from Saint John Paul II, Unrepeatable is a read that brings you into thoughtful reflection, peaks our interest in what my unique and unrepeatable call may be.
  3. Called to Create: A Biblical Invitation to Create, Innovate, and Risk by Jordan Raynor Shared with me at a time when I was truly questioning if entrepreneurship was the personal vocation that God was calling me. This book brings the multifaceted dimensions of beauty, creativity and business together for kingdom building. It encourages the many contemporary missionaries who are also entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, creatives, business developers, artists, architects, innovators, engineers, creatives and more to see their personal vocation from the lens of His will, while responding to the call, to create.

These books were recommended by my dear friend, Ann Yeong whose unique gifts, charisms and talents touches the lives of many through her witnessing, stories and inspirations that come at very poignant times. Warning, the books can be tear jerkers if you allow yourself to receive the truths in your lives.

On Self Awareness, Growth and Leadership Development

  1. On being yourself: Reflections on spirituality and originality Paperback written by Adrain Van Kaam — Written in 1972, I picked up this book at a silent retreat with the Sisters of Compassion and Mercy in Wellington. It’s one of the most simply written, easy to read books that brings forth the sacredness of the human spirit, the life of authenticity we’ve been called to, and above all, what it means to be oneself. It’s a book of less than 200 pages and an easy read. Fr Adrain shares from the spontaneity of his life experiences to highlighting the philosophical insights through the precision of his language and vocabulary. He brings to life what it means to live an authentic, free and open life that responds to the will of God. He offers a practical guide on how to follow one’s path than to waiver in anonymity or to hide behind causes.
  2. Envy and Originality by Adrain Van Kaam This book brings out clearly the struggles of the envious and the envied. With concise articulation of the pathway to embracing our originality and uniqueness, Fr Van Kaam provides us with clarity on how to come to our Originality, combining his understanding of psychology and spirituality. This was quite an illuminating read in the journey of self knowledge and understanding.
  3. Spiritual Maturity: Principles of Spiritual Growth for Every Believer by J. Oswald SandersExploring the dimensions of the Trinity and how the pursuit of the Love of God matures, grows and chastens us in our everyday living. Scripture is closely reflected upon and each chapter gives deep food for thought and I found the book to be so alive in my current circumstance in life. Not to mention that the scriptural reflections were truly so timely, relevant and spoke straight to the heart.
  4. Spiritual leadership by J. Oswald Sanders — One of the greatest classics on leadership development that I’ve read, a book written as early as the 1960s, with one million copies sold. Among many nuggets of wisdom, the book explores the cost of leadership, its responsibility, the tests and the art of reproducing leaders. It’s truly an inspired book that serves as a guidebook for leaders of every field and walks of life. I found this book many years back and read this as a companion whenever I have questions or doubts about leadership.
  5. The Strength of a Godly Woman by Beverly LaHaye Explores the characteristics of Godly women in Scripture and brings to life a profound understanding of who the women are. How their lives of perseverance, faith amidst trials and tribulations relate to what we experience in our own lives. Some of the women of strength you will read about include the lives of Ruth, Judith and Mary. I will save the rest for your curiosity!

The Will of God

  1. Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making by Fr Timothy M. Gallagher OMV — Discovering the stories, struggles and lives of ordinary people who seek to find the Will of God in their lives. Fr Timothy explores the disposition of grace, healing and openness of ordinary people who are called to different states of lives. And how they respond through the struggle, out of love, openness and a response to the joy that awaits each vocation. The book helps us better understand how we can respond to Him, who first loved us!

I hope that these gems will speak to you as how they have spoken to me! And as we journey into 2020 discovering, discerning and awakening our personal vocation. I pray that this prayer will remind us of how we are unique, unrepeatable and all called to a sacred mission to serve and glorify Him!

Oh My God, you have created me do some definite service. You have committed some work to me that you have not committed to another. I have my mission; I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. I will trust you, whatever, wherever I am. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve you. If I am in perplexity, my perplexity may serve you.

If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve you. You do nothing in vain. You know what you are about. Though friends be taken away, though I feel desolate, though my spirits sink, though my future is hidden from me, yet I will trust you, for you know what you are about. I ask not so much to see as to be used: through Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer by Blessed John Henry Newman

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