What would a flourishing life look like? If we had all the money in the world, what would we be doing with our lives? For too long we have focused on financial, social and intellectual capital in society as the measure of success, but really, is that all to life?

What the data is telling us

Research has shown that Money is the source of anxiety and stress for many. Money creates its own emotional challenges eg: guilt when impulse spending happens, the fear that leads to an avoidance of money, hopelessness in one’s financial situation in some cases. …

The muscles that we will be working on today are Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Emotional Regulation.

Learning Self-Compassion

Instead of coming from others, most criticisms stem from ourselves. We are our worst enemy. Why am I such a failure? Why can others achieve what I cannot? We forget that we are only human, and it is human to err. We are no superhero, we have no ability to read the future and often times, we are forced to make huge decisions that we are nowhere near prepared for. Some of us may have to make a choice between our passion and…

The muscles that we will be working on today are higher order thinking and emotional regulation.

Imagine for a moment: your Downstairs Brain (made up of the brainstem and limbic system) is responsible for self-preservation and controls your survival instincts. It regulates how you react to danger, prompting the base functions of fighting or fleeing when need be. It is also where all your emotionally driven responses come from.

Meanwhile, the Upstairs Brain (the cerebral cortex and prefrontal cortex) allows you to clearly perceive the outside world and think and reason properly. It allows you to be tuned in and…

The muscles that we will be working on today are neurological pathway and emotional regulation.

We experience a very real sense of disconnect and isolation from friends and loved ones during this Circuit Breaker period. The usual physical meet-ups with those living in different households are now reduced to virtual meet-ups due to the rules implemented to secure our safety.

This can lead to feelings of loneliness, low mood and restlessness. These negative feelings may cause you to have more ruminations about life than usual and you may find yourself ending up in a negative, downward spiral.

In moments like…

The muscle that we will be working on today is emotional regulation.

Emotional regulation is the ability to take a step back and objectively explore your feelings from a third person point of view in any given situation.

We may feel a myriad of emotions like frustration, uncertainty, fear, and even loneliness during this Covid-19 pandemic. Some of us feel disappointed because our hopes and dreams are dashed. For those of us graduating this year from University, our graduation ceremonies, graduation trips — these have been taken away from us. Many of us face growing concerns about finances, finding a…

Besides looking for ways to enhance your physical fitness, why not look for ways to enhance your mental fitness as well? A healthy lifestyle requires not only physical wellness, but mental wellness.

On that note, did you know that your brain is a muscle too? It can be trained to grow fit (and maybe even more muscular :P) like the other parts of your body.

Connecting the dots with our fitness, just as we exercise to have strong and healthy bodies, we work out and watch our diet. …

Pope Francis sends a video message as Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Holy Week in an unusual manner due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. By Devin Watkins

“This evening I have the chance to enter your homes in a different way than usual.”

That was how Pope Francis opened his video message sent on Friday ahead of Holy Week 2020.

He noted how difficult and full of suffering these weeks have been for the many people whose lives have been affected by Covid-19. “I can imagine you in your families, living an unusual life to avoid contagion.”

Pope Francis during the Urbi et Orbi blessings on the steps of St Peter’s Basilica

Be You,
Go Inward.

Down the Path,
You will See.

The hidden self beneath,
God of Mercy unfolds.

The Spirit of the Lord,
Unleashes his masterpiece of creation.

You and I, Child of God.
Together we move, Together we stay.

And inward you see, His glory revealed,
Through one He loved, from the beginning.

My first ever poetry prayer jam together with friend, Nicholas Lye. A simple conversation turned into a moment of grace. Not knowing what the Spirit of God had in stored for us, we were led to experience a moment of poetry jam with the Holy Spirit.

As a bit of a nerd and avid reader, I found that these books really spoke to me in 2019. They were recommended by friends, shared by peers who found it useful for their growth and learning. I hope that the stories will inspire your hearts as much as it has for me!

Discovering your Purpose, Personal Vocation, Meaning and Mission

  1. Cure for the common life by Max Lucado — Speaks about finding the sweet spot in your life that you have been called. Lucado takes us on a journey with stories that enables us to reflect back on our earlier years, finding the recurring themes that keep…

You make me laugh,

You make me cry.

You make me huddle,

You make me cuddle.

In good times we laugh,

In bad times we sulk and cry.

But God on high has chosen you for all of eternity

to be none other than my.


Helpmate, some say maid.

Stronghold and my shield,

Against the rain you hold me,

so I don’t get too far away from thee.

So pardon me,

If you don’t get mee.

Gluten free

A Friend to me.

Steak and wine

A Friend to you.

(Hey all alliterations are gone!

Pardon the perfectionist in me)

Audrey Tan

Child of God, Wife, Social Entrepreneur, Impact Financing, Technology, Vocations Discernment 🎹🎼❤🕊

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